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USACANN, LLC, is an advanced cannabis consulting firm with a verifiable track record of securing Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Cultivation Center Licenses. Also providing State of the Art Technology Services to, both pre and active Dispensaries and Cultivation Centers, Financial Consultations with Active Financial Institutions and Data / Communication Systems nationwide.

The ultimate goal of USACANN, as industry owners ourselves, is to foster the development of the professional cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is emerging rapidly throughout the nation and is currently at a complicated intersection between the potential medical and recreational markets. We believe the proper way to provide professional growth within the industry is to establish a professional environment – where the benefits of regulated expert cultivation processes are paired with the safe and knowledgeable distribution of products.

USACANN, is furthering our cause by providing services that no other consultant can offer. An All-In-One Solutions provider. We have provided from Start to Operational Business solutions for many dispensaries and cultivation centers nationwide. We are here to serve you and get your business growing – all puns are intended.

Below are just a few powerful partnerships USACANN has fostered to maximize savings for this industry’s business owners. Passing along savings that is normally not available. And if you understand what we are hinting, then you will understand this… We are not looking for the quick business deal. We are looking for the long-term relationship with every Dispensary and Cultivation License Owner. We stand by our word and provide proof by doing what we say.

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These are just a few businesses we work with directly to benefit our clients.

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USACANN has direct pricing that is not available to the public and is exclusive to our industry. We want your business to prosper as much as ours. We can do this together and grow this industry more than ever. Schedule and Appointment and we will be happy to assist you.

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