License Application & Procurement

Successfully obtain your own licenses with our expertise

What to be prepared for…

licensingApplying for and obtaining your local and state licenses is your first hurdle and doing it successfully is your only option.

If you are new to the industry, you may not know how involved this process is. A typical application is approximately the size of a major metropolitan phone book—it takes a project manager mentality to keep track of all the components. Not only must you provide a detailed business plan, you must also project a thoroughgoing knowledge of your day-to-day operations: security procedures, horticultural methods and dispensary protocols included.

Having real-life experience in the cannabis industry is a requirement. USACANN Advisers have the answers to the questions that your state’s medical marijuana enforcement officials want to see in your application

Application Stages…

When trying to open a dispensary in a new state, there is a formula for being successful. It can be a very costly and risky investment as this is still an entirely new industry. Our Team of Experts know exactly what is required to successfully navigate this entire process.

General State Application


Dispensary Plan

Many applicants will submit dispensary plans that are generic to a retail store environment. The distinction for you is that USACANN™ will help design a plan that is specific to operating a cannabis dispensary. You will be distributing a product that has specific storage requirements, security demands, and tracking guidelines, all while being sold through a very high‑traffic retail environment. We will help you design a secure dispensary that is compliant, branded, and pleasing to customers.

Cultivation Plan

All state cultivation regulations and projects will have their nuances. It is imperative that your plan directly addresses the requirements of your state’s licensing department body. We will help you present the cultivation methods of your chosen cultivation manager in a way that goes beyond addressing state regulations so that you are positioned well for the scoring process.

The Team

One of the first steps on the road to a successful license application is completing the partnership of your team. USACANN™ will help you understand and coordinate what individual team‑member strengths make for the most solid and impressive collective team application possible.

Site Specific Application


Real Estate Negotiations

Regardless of your state, sourcing real estate for use in the cannabis industry is extremely difficult, yet remains one of the most important components of the process. Landowners often do not understand the realities of the cannabis business or the laws relating to cannabis. We have extensive experience working with landowners to negotiate favorable real estate deals. Our ability to assuage the concerns of landowners will help you to do the same.

Emergency Plan

An airtight emergency plan is necessary to ensure the safety of staff, products, and customers. We will provide you with policies and procedures for any foreseeable emergencies. A clear plan is essential for effective emergency management and will be looked upon favorably in the application scoring process.

Security Plan

Minimum state requirements are often not enough to properly secure your facility. We have extensive experience arranging secure facilities that take into account access control, cash protection, loss prevention, and more, from both internal and external threats. Your plan will draw from this experience to create a solid security overview for your application.

Quality Control Plans

State licensing bodies want to ensure that licensed operators produce and sell consistent, high‑quality cannabis. We will help you create a plan to ensure that operational practices promote quality and consistency and that regular testing confirms the quality and consistency of your products.

Operational Plans


Staffing Plan

We will work with you to produce an application which demonstrates that there is a real plan as to how your dispensary, production, and/or cultivation facility will run. Our real‑world cannabis experience allows us to detail the staffing needed to efficiently and effectively run high‑end cannabis businesses.

Communication & Data Plans

We will work with you to produce an application which demonstrates thow your dispensary, production, and/or cultivation facility will process its data between local and State government agencies and/or officials.

IT Technology Plan

We will work with you to produce an application which demonstrates how your dispensary, production, and/or cultivation facility’s Technologies department will operate and the equipment that will be utilized to operate your facility at maximum efficiency. This will establish your business operations are a cut above the rest when it comes to data security.

Inventory Tracking Plans

We are going to work with you to demonstrate an accountable, realistic plan to clearly and fully track your inventory from start to finish. Convincing your application reviewer of your expertise in the area of seed‑to‑sale inventory controls will certainly gain you an edge in the process.