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Seed to Sale Software Explained

Everyone running a cannabis business is requires some form of approved seed-to-sale tracking software that manages every plant, gram, and dollar, to save you time and money..but most importantly to be in complaines with their State’s required rules and regulations to be operational

However, not every software is created equal. Much like any other software you may use for your business or home, there are always pluses and minuses to everything because, let’s face it… not every company thinks of everything to make our lives any easier, plus software is always evolving and is never ‘truly’ a finished product.

Taking that into account, USCANN, LLC. having over 20 years in the technologies industry has formed strategic alliances with the major Seed to Sale software companies so that each and every client can have a custom tailored experience based on their State’s Regulations and also business environment.

USACANN works directly with these companies and can answer most questions.

You can rely on USACANN to assist your company it staying ahead of the curve. Our experts can assist your company in finding the right seed to sale software solution that will fit your business needs and budget.

Our Top Picks = Peace of Mind


The first and only fully integrated information management, POS, inventory control and back office accounting solution for Cannabis Dispensaries.


BioTrackTHC™’s comprehensive product suite increases transparency and accountability by monitoring key data points during cultivation, harvest, extraction, packaging, transport, and dispensing.


There are many more companies developing software to accomodate this industry. USACANN works exclusively with DispenseFirst of Chicago and its advanced features over the competition. DispenseFirst is a new company, but has operational Dispensaries utilizing its services in many States.

So which one is right for your business solution? We will let you decide for yourself, by providing you a list of the companies that are out there and their time tested ratings.


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We’ll Help Find a Solution for YOUR Business

Seed to Sale Inventory Software for your business doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to to operate. In most cases the software you choose must meet your individual State’s Compliance Statutes in order for you to use it. Take the time and review all that is out there and if you have any questions or would like to ask one of our experts all about the pros and cons of the software out there in the market. Schedule and Appointment and we will be happy to assist you.

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