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Much like any other business either retail or commercial…You will need technology — which turns out to be the easy part in this industry. Simply put…In order to sustain your business customer traffic… you need a network of computers that can process orders from seed to the Point of Sale (a.k.a. POS) systems delivering your products and recording your transactions along the way. Further you will need a great network to be able to access your camera system and finally your bookkeeping software for the State you are in and accountant. Sounds like a lot, but is not that complicated. Let us explain.

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Written by: David McGuigan – USACANN, LLC. – Managing Partner

As an industry expert in technology advancements, one area that is always lacking a dispensary or cultivation center’s owner(s) is a good solid network system. Though there are plenty of people who can sell you a computer or server and plug it in and point things correctly… We have seen time and time again with other dispensaries and cultivation facilities as sever lacking to details that ends up costing more money to fix or even worse even more money to replace. This usually happens when the State Regulatory Commission has deemed the flow of data unreliable or unsecured.

This is a business owner’s worse nightmare even in a normal retail operation. What we have encountered, over the years, is alleged network experts popping up trying to make a quick buck and preying on members of this industry because they know there is a deadline and a hurry to get things done. Half the clients, if not more, do not even have a clue what is required and are relying on the company claiming they know what they are doing. Which in reality, if you have not been in this industry and specialize in IT for THIS industry… Then rest assure the person you are talking to may know a little about computers or networks, but not  Dispensary/Cultivation Networks.

So where does this leave you? Well this is the simple part.. USACANN has partnered with a 18 year technologies firm’s owner, who is also one of the Managing Partners here at USACANN. Mr. McGuigan’s company has close to 2 decades in the IT Industry and also has years of experience servicing this industry by providing direct from the manufacturer pricing on all technologies services nationally and globally.

So we, the managing partners here at USACANN,  know there is a budget and we handle each client’s needs custom tailored to maximize their endeavors without breaking the bank, while delivering name brandy equipment and quality service.  So…as yourself this…”why pay retail when you can get a complete networks system for far less than any competitor”?

If you want to experience the difference and want the level of care and service for your IT Solution from Business owners who are in this industry themselves like you and understand everything you need. The please, by all means, schedule a free no obligation consultation and see all the benefits we can offer your business.

IT Solutions – Industry Tested and Proven



Our relationship with the major manufacturers allows our company to work with the brightest engineers to ensure your network is secure, stable and always running. Time tested designs that surpass any State inspection. All this for less than any competitor could ever offer at a loss. We want your your business and we will beat any legitimate price offered by any competitor. Contact us for details.


Custom tailored POS Systems are a must for each business. We buy direct from the manufacturers, not retailers or wholesalers. Companies such as ASUS, HP, CLOVER, DELL, IBM, MATRIX many many more. All POS workstations are HIPAA & PCI compliant plus are compliant with all known Seed to Sale Software, internal, or cloud based. Save money by letting us letting us show you how. Contact us for details.


You need for an easy work environment could not be taken lightly. Advancements in network workstations has made this a seamless integration with your network server. Gaining power and speed without having to pay the price for a overcrowded workstation. Call us today to custom tailor a design that will fit your business needs today!


Most States regulate a business network for accuracy and compliance. This requires a bi-directional communication line between all the computers on the network and a productive connection to the internet. This is a delicate art to balance security from the public while open access to the State Govenrment. We offer a complete tested and proven security solution that will keep your business running for years to come. Call and schedule a free no obligation appointment to discuss your security needs.

Professional Services

Planning a new network solution for your business, or upgrading your existing network environment? Our engineers have over 20 years of advanced IT experience in providing end-to-end services for almost any network and business application. From site survey and requirements assessment, to government regulatory compliance  and finally installation, testing, support and
maintenance after installation – we do it all so you don’t have to worry.

Expert Consultation

Make the right choice when choosing your IT Solution for your business. Our IT System Engineers are experts and will help you find the right solution for your needs and fit your budget.

Custom Designed

A site survey and thorough needs assessment is the starting point for a successful IT Network system design. Then we will customize a solution tailored for you.

Custom Configured

Your IT Network solution comes directly from the manufactured, pre-programmed, pre-configured, labeled and fully-integrated so that it is ready to go as soon as it arrives at your location.

Project Manager

Let us oversee every aspect of your system installation from start to finish, and deliver a successful outcome, in less time.

We’ll Help to Build the Perfect IT Solution for YOUR Business Application

A HIPAA / PCI Compliant IT System Solutions for your business doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to install and time-consuming to operate.
In most cases the IT solutions we offer will pay for itself within months by low maintenance, durable and tested technology and the platinum partner Manufacturer Warranty Protection years past normal consumer warranty periods.

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